Both Standards will be listed in the Code of Best Practice, and ICROA Accredited Organisations will be able to transact units and offset client emissions with these credits effective immediately.

Additionally, ICROA’s Executive Committee has approved the full endorsement of the following Independent Standards:

Global Carbon Council

ICROA Standard Endorsements are based on the principles laid out in the ICROA Code of Best Practice stating that carbon credits validated and verified by endorsed Standards must be: real, measurable, permanent, independently verified, additional, and unique. According to the Code, when Accredited organisations are offsetting, or contracting to offset GHG emissions on behalf of a client, they shall only use carbon credits sourced from projects that are validated, verified, and registered under the Standards endorsed, or conditionally endorsed by ICROA.

*Conditional Endorsement is attributed to Standards that meet ICROA criteria for endorsement, and are pending the achievement of set threshold values in order to validate the full operationalisation of the Programme (e.g. registered projects, issued credits, etc). ICROA Accredited Organisations can use carbon credits from conditionally endorsed standards and will be Code compliant.

See all ICROA Endorsed Standards.