For over a decade, ICROA has been a leading voice in the voluntary carbon market, providing quality assurance, and guidance on emissions reductions and high-quality carbon credit usage.

  • We are guided by the science of climate change and the need for economy-wide decarbonisation to reach net-zero by 2050.

  • We advocate for carbon crediting as a valuable complement to Paris-aligned reduction pathways.

  • We believe in the critical need for carbon finance to enable urgent climate action.

  • ​We believe that proactive efforts by corporates to finance emissions reductions and removals through the carbon market should be recognised and rewarded.

Our Core Values

ICROA provides a framework for responsible corporate climate action through the Integrity in the use of carbon credits, the Quality of carbon credit supply, and delivering Impact to raise ambition:

ICROA delivers its objectives in 3 ways:

  • 01

    Through the ICROA Accreditation Programme

    Based on the ICROA Code of Best Practice, the Accreditation Programme certifies best practice in GHG emissions reduction and offsetting through the use of high-quality carbon credits. The Programme is open to all organisations that offer carbon crediting and emissions reduction services.

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  • 02

    As a Platform for Collaboration

    Open and interactive forums to advance the VCM by tackling the most pressing issues and fostering innovation (e.g. forums include hackathons, panel discussions, partnerships).

  • 03

    By Endorsing VCM Standards

    ICROA provides a Carbon Crediting Endorsement Procedure to assess the rigour of Standards and Registries for inclusion in the Code of Practice. The Endorsement ensures that the Standards operate with high integrity including good governance, open access as well as robust validation and verification of carbon projects. The evaluation of Standards is conducted by third-party assessors. ICROA supports innovation in the market by providing access to international carbon markets for new Standards.

    Standard Endorsement

ICROA Governance

  • Independent Advisory Committee (IAC)

    • The IAC provides guidance and expertise on key issues regarding the evolution of the Code and Accreditation
    • It comprises market experts and representatives of NGOs and Academia
    • The IAC has no executive powers
  • Accreditation Committee (AC)

    • The AC represents the views of the Accredited organisations and provides strategic guidance to the Secretariat for the implementation and evolution of the Accreditation
    • The AC comprises elected representatives from Accredited organisations

The people helping make ICROA a success

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