Accredited Organisations

ICROA Accredited organisations are subject to an annual independent audit to assure compliance to the ICROA Code of Best Practice. The organisations listed below have successfully passed their audit and may use the ICROA Accreditation Label.

ICROA Accredited organisations have been providing high quality offsetting services and thus actively financing climate mitigation projects on the ground for more than 15 years.

  • Offsetting

    Section 1 of the Code: Sourcing and Use of Carbon Credits for Offsetting (Mandatory Requirement)

  • Footprinting

    Section 2 of the Code: GHG Emissions and Removals Inventories

  • Advisory Services

    Section 3 of the Code: GHG Emissions Reductions Advisory Services

All ICROA Accredited Organisations contribute to the following SDGs among others