The updated Code serves as a comprehensive framework designed to guide and regulate the practices of stakeholders within the VCM. It ensures that participants audited and accredited against the Code operate in a manner that adheres to the highest standards of transparency, credibility, and environmental integrity. By setting clear parameters and guidelines, we aim to inspire confidence and trust among market participants, businesses, and consumers in the integrity and effectiveness of market-based voluntary action.

During the annual review process, we meticulously evaluated the evolving legislative landscape, market trends, and the emerging needs of the VCM. This enabled our ICROA Secretariat, the ICROA Independent Advisory Committee, and the Accreditation Committee to identify areas where updates and refinements were required in order to maintain the Code’s relevance and efficacy. By keeping pace with the latest industry developments, we remain committed to providing guidance that reflects the current realities and future demands of the VCM.

The refreshed Code showcases our dedication to shaping the VCM’s trajectory, reinforcing our position as a leading authority in the field. It serves as a comprehensive roadmap for service providers within the VCM, ensuring that their actions are aligned with the highest environmental and ethical standards.

As the VCM continues to expand and play an increasingly pivotal role in global climate action, the importance of maintaining robust and adaptable standards cannot be overstated. Our commitment to regularly review and revise the Code, and all of our ICROA Programme documents, reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting the development of a sustainable and effective carbon market.

Read the new Code and find the list of ICROA Accredited organisations.

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