ITN Business, IETA and ICROA produce news-style programme exploring best practices and innovations on the road to net zero

Geneva / London, 02 November 2022

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is vital to fighting climate change and the race is on to reach the Paris Agreement’s target of zero emissions by 2050. In the lead up to COP27, the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) and ITN Business have produced a news-style programme, ‘Net Zero: The Integrity Pathway’, showcasing best practices and innovative solutions in carbon reduction and offsetting.

The programme explores the advances in technology and increase in innovative products and services that are helping companies take huge steps towards achieving their sustainability goals. ‘Net Zero: The Integrity Pathway’ also explores the regulation of what is now a billion-dollar industry, looking at accreditation programmes and speaking to the organisations that are ensuring best practice in the carbon offsetting space.

Anchored by presenter Clare Nasir, the programme features an interview with Andrea Abrahams, the Managing Director of ICROA, an initiative housed within IETA which promotes best practice when it comes to high quality emissions reductions and the use of carbon credits. The programme also takes a closer look at the ICROA Accreditation Programme.

‘Net Zero: The Integrity Pathway’ also includes a special news report from Singapore, looking at how IETA and the World Bank are working together to further enhance transparency and environmental integrity of carbon credit transactions, through a decentralised metadata platform built on blockchain technology.

Hosted on and, the programme also features reporter-led sponsored editorial profiles from the following organisations.

Abatable – discuss how they are helping companies build credible climate strategies and offset their hard to abate emissions.

Anew Climate – share how five Metis communities in Canada have come together to help preserve their forests and future proof their livelihoods with Anew’s assistance.

ClearBlue Markets – demonstrate how they are using their experience and expertise to aid clients make conscious and educated choices about their carbon markets portfolio and businesses.

C-Quest Capital – founder and CEO Ken Newcombe shares insights on how CQC are working towards a climate-resilient future, where sustainable alternatives are the norm.

Everland – share how they are connecting communities and corporations in a common cause to generate financial support for the protection of forests, wildlife and people of Cambodia under extreme threats of deforestation.

Evident – discuss how they are working towards a future where you could know if the products on sale are made from materials certified as Green and ethically sourced.

Global Carbon Council – explain how they are facilitating the issuance of high integrity global carbon offsets, aiding organisations to meet their goals.

Incubex – share how they are developing exchange-traded products and digital platforms, that allow companies to meet compliance mandates set by governments.

KliK Foundation – explain how they are pioneering the international carbon market by developing the first emission reduction programmes under Article 6 of the Paris Climate Agreement.

NuSeed – demonstrate how Nuseed Carinata reduces emissions, by replacing fossil fuels, removing carbon from the air as it grows and restoring it to the soil through its extensive root system.

Pachama – share how they are using innovative satellite-based technology to find the world’s best forest carbon projects, to start an entirely new generation of high quality, low risk forest projects from the ground up.

PWC – explain how they are not only committed to their own net zero agenda, but are helping businesses put their own pledges into action and ensure the transition to a green economy is done in a fair and equitable way.

S&P Global – with exchange trading and daily assessed pricing now the norm, the Commodity Insights team at S&P Global are creating assessments, believing transparency is key to the market achieving its full potential.

SSE – Through innovation and collaboration, SSE are setting their goals high, working towards the possibility of becoming the UK’s leading renewables business.

Verra – share how their Verified Carbon Standard Programme is the leading standard for land-based projects, ensuring their credibility and integrity. An animation also demonstrates how under the programme, projects are rigorously monitored and audited before they receive the seal of approval.

Dirk Forrister, President and CEO of IETA said: “IETA is excited to once again join forces with ITN Business to produce a series of informative programmes demonstrating how IETA’s membership is rising to the net zero emissions challenge. Last week’s UN Climate Change report underlines the urgency for more and quicker action. IETA will continue to play its part to work with countries and companies to achieve their net zero aspirations”.

Nina Harrison-Bell, Head of ITN Business said: “As the most pressing issue of our time, ITN Business are proud to be launching this programme alongside IETA and ICROA, educating companies on best practices in corporate GHG mitigation. In order to reach the net zero targets set out in the Paris Agreement, it’s a subject that cannot be talked about enough if we want to have any chance of saving our planet for the generations to come.”

Supported by a communications campaign targeting various carbon market participants and a digital campaign surfacing the content to the New Scientist audience, the programme will launch on 2nd November 2022 and will also be shown at COP27 in Egypt.

Watch the full Programme here: