ICROA Standard Endorsements are based on the principles laid out in the ICROA Code of Best Practice stating that carbon credits validated and verified by endorsed Standards must be: real, measurable, permanent, independently verified, additional and unique. According to the Code, when Accredited organisations are offsetting, or contracting to offset GHG emissions on behalf of a client, they shall only use carbon credits sourced from projects that are validated, verified and registered under the Standards endorsed, or conditionally endorsed by ICROA.

To have their reductions recognized as B.C. Offset Units, projects must meet stringent provincial regulations and requirements and be independently verified by third-party reviews to ensure the integrity of resulting offsets. By purchasing offsets, voluntary purchasers can use B.C.’s high-quality offsets to meet their own sustainability targets. The B.C. Offset Program is designed to increase transparency and encourage a diverse suite of protocols that support B.C.’s climate action goals. Projects under the program drive clean economic opportunities while cutting emissions and are managed through the BC Carbon Registry.

“We are thrilled to endorse The British Columbia Offset Program as a valuable addition to the ICROA Code of Best Practice. The program provides the opportunity for all ICROA Accredited Organisations to transact Canadian carbon credits which emphasize social co-benefits and indigenous partnerships. Unique to the Standard are Atmospheric Benefit Sharing Agreements which clarify and protect First Nations’ ownership of carbon reductions” said Andrea Abrahams, Managing Director of ICROA.

George Heyman, B.C. Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy said “We’re proud that our carbon offsets system has been recognized by the high standards set by ICROA. Our government is committed to ensuring British Columbia’s offsets program is supporting real, verifiable and permanent emissions reductions that go beyond business as usual, including projects led by Indigenous communities.”

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